Upcoming New 2019 event

Hurryup! Don’t waste time biggest digital conference
NEW YORK, USA January 5 to 9, 2020

Upcoming New 2019 event

Hurryup! Don’t waste time biggest digital conference
NEW YORK, USA January 5 to 9, 2020

Upcoming New 2019 event

Hurryup! Don’t waste time biggest digital conference
NEW YORK, USA January 5 to 9, 2020
“Capture the rising demand for Indian products in foreign market before it’s too late”

Mega Export E-Fest 2021

Africa & UAE 

1st June to 26th June 2021 

Exhibitor Registrations open: 5th April 2021

About expo

Mega export E fest 2021 (MEEF 2021) is EXPORT ORIENTED online trade show, conducted  for Indian manufacturers. The show is powered by International Online exhibition platform  ABLIEXPO. It is a unique and most affordable way to reach foreign customers and establish  your business internationally.  

MEEF is an initiative of Ablifree Business Network (ABN); a network of 50,000+ global  businesses. Through MEEF, our target is to empower and enable 1 Lakh + Indian Businesses  to sell their products to global customers by the end of 2025. ABN has so far successfully conducted over 20 international E-fests and has helped 1000+ businesses reach 18 countries  which has created over 1 lakh B2B connections.  

For MEEF 2021, we are focusing on high potential countries in AFRICA and MIDDLE EAST.  For the first MEEF to be conducted in June 2021, we are focusing on 7 high potential  industry sectors such as Garments, Food, Industrial packaging, Electrical components,  Electronics and electrical appliances, Testing and measuring equipment, Electric Vehicle etc. 




June 1 to 26 , 2021

Promote your brand and create export opportunities!

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Foreign buyers

Participate in the first ever Export E-fest with ONLINE SALE and SAMPLE ORDER facility!

– Specially focused on Export promotion of Indian products. 

– E-Fest equipped with facility to send samples/orders to foreign countries with  complete support for increasing conversion possibility. 

– 5 day exhibition period with additional 5 days of communication period. – FREE product listing on Global E-commerce platform. 

– FREE web-page for the participants with E-mail automation and data-analytics. 

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Participating industry sectors

Garments and Fashion accessories

Food, Food processing and packaging

Industrial packaging

Testing and measuring equipment

Cables, wires, switches and electrical components

LED, Electrical and electronic appliances

Electric Vehicle and supplies



Industry sector  

Product profile 


Garment and Fashion  

accessories EXPO

Handloom, silk, readymade clothing,  bags, footwear, jewellery and  accessories.

1st June 2021 to 5th  June

Food, Food processing and  packaging EXPO

Food products, spices, fruits and  vegetables, packed food, process  machinery, packaging machinery  

and material, pulps, juices, extracts  etc. 

7th June to 12th June

Industrial packaging EXPO

Corrugation boxes, plastic, PPE,  ropes, tapes,  bubble wrap, cartons,  wooden trays etc. 

10th June to 15th June

Testing and measuring  

equipment EXPO

Meter reading instruments,  

measurement, meters, kits, sensors,  gauges etc. 

14th June to 19th June

Cables, wires, switches and  electrical EXPO

Cables, wires, carrier systems,  switches, sockets, plugs, connectors,  switch-gear and accessories,  

distribution board and panels etc. 

16th June to 21st June

LED, Electrical and electronic  appliances EXPO

LED, Lighting, Flood lights, home  appliances, Electronic accessories,  electronic appliances etc. 

18th June to 23rd June

Electric Vehicle and supplies EXPO

Electric vehicle, batteries, ECU,  charger units, charging innovations,  BLDC motors, auto parts etc. 

21st June to 26th June

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