Ablifree Business Network

Ablifree Business Network (ABN) is a true business network that is well and truly made to ‘ABLIfy’ you to do the business efficiently and give you ‘FREEdom’ from business networking hassles. Basically, ABN is a huge family of more than 50,000+ businesses from all around the globe. Our vision is to give a seamless connection and networking platform to all Indian business small or big, so that they can easily connect with maximum businesses and customers globally with ease. Hence, once a business becomes a part of the ABN family, it enters into a system of growth and success is assured.

Thus, no matter what ever the business is, in order for its proper growth, it has to go through a particular process.

The process involves the following stages; –

  1. Digital Readiness
  2. Digital transformation
  3. Precise digital out-reach
  4. Cross-boundary market access
  5. Enabling global online sales

Ablifree Business Network (ABN) is a complete business development tool which provide a helping hand and smoothens the process for your business via using the latest GPS techniques and machine learning approach. In simple words, ABN provides you an opportunity to scale your business globally by providing you a platform to showcase your business requirements and offerings to the global masses.     
Key Features of ABN

  • New innovate methods for Indian business to expand globally.
  • Small and Large business both can get global exposure.
  • Golden opportunity to connect with global businesses.
  • New marketing strategies

ABN Services

  • Digital fitness Program

In order to survive in business industry, one must remember that every business proposal must be always ‘Available’ to enter the digital world and be ‘Fit’ for digital acceptance. ABN provides world-class and affordable support to its members in order to become digitally fit for the new decade. ABN supports both small and large businesses to achieve the required digital fitness in their business and takes them to the next level.

  • Business Boost Program

Keeping digital platform as the central base, ABN deals with each business requirement systematically and provides them all the support which are required to boost their business. With the help of community reach, data capabilities and advanced tools for analytics ABN provides a great boost to their business.

  • New Market Access Program

Before digitalization, entering a new market or a geographical area was not a very simple task. But now, as digitalization is the new norm, starting up a new business and taking it globally is really very super-affordable and effective.             
ABN provides an amazing opportunity, wherein superior tools like Ablifree App and Abliexpo have the ability to take the business to an amazing great height and reach new geographical areas.

  • MOFT Boost Program

This program acts as the major ingredient and nutrition provider to the business. Its observed that, during the growth years business requires expert assistance.In such a scenario, ABN is just the perfect solution, as it provides support system like; expert consulting for brand building, marketing strategy, operations efficiency, supply chain, logistics, financial services, legal assistance, training & recruitment etc.   

For example Suppose a particular business base is located in a geographical area and it lacks the expert support for its growth, here ABN comes as an angel and makes the expert support accessible to the businesses.

  • Global Community E-Commerce

An ideal E-commerce for a business to start selling globally has following characteristics-

  1. Data driven product show-case powered by AI
  2. Transparency about supplier of the products for the buyer.
  3. World-class display style and photos of products
  4. Precise feature and specification data for products
  5. World-class global logistics service
  6. World-class customer service and support

It’s not always possible that business have all the above stated characteristics, thus ABN makes sure that is provides all the necessary attributes to the business model.

It can be concluded by saying that nowadays, with the help of Ablifree Business Network countless number of Indian businesses small and large are reaching great heights and achieving great milestone. All this is possible because of ABN’s technology-driven advanced tools platforms like Ablifree, Abliexpo, Small and Medium Enterprises(SMEs) and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise(MSMEs)of India have the power to help business turn their dreams into reality.