connects you to global businessmen

Our app is a Global Business Network where you are now free from your boundaries.

increases  relevant lead generation

Our smart algorithm does the perfect match-making for you and gets you highly relevant leads.

provides you opportunities to trade globally

Our Global Online Exhibition Platform provides you exposure on Global scale.

gives you data driven advantage 

And we get even better with our expertise to play with data and provide you perfect analytics to grow your business efficiently.

About us

We want to use the technology to empower our businessmen. Period.

Our smart app, Ablifree, is bringing together businessmen around the world, on one single platform where they can connect, engage and grow mutually. And while they do that, we are having great time writing amazing algorithms to surprise them by finding perfect business-match for them. We love it when our businessmen members receive a notification of a relevant business connect on their phone, while sitting on a beach. We love it when our businessmen members find new business connects every day while doing their day to day work. 

And more than that, we love it when our businessmen feel empowered using our platform.

What you get with Ablifree

Automatic exchange of business profiles

It allows you to exchange your e-business profile with people around you.


Just share your profile with Ablifree. and that too AUTOMATICALLY*

Search business connect wherever you go

Special feature of our app lets you see the businessmen around you wherever you go. That means, no need to wait for business conferences for increasing your business connects. You can do that even on a beach, in a theater or even airport!

New business connects every day

The app knows you well and keeps knowing you well. That’s why, while you rest, the app keeps searching for your Business-match and gives you new connects every day!

So why wait for exhibitions to find right connect? So that right now!

Platform for posting your requirement in a targeted way

Instead of searching who can fulfill your business requirements, may it be hiring, purchase or service requirement, just post what you want on Ablifree. 

We have a special feature to direct your post to the right people on the network. 

What you get with Ablifree Online Exhibition

Yes! We are coming up with “World’s First Global Online Exhibition”. Now get ready to be visible to Global Customers and take your business to next level.

Create Online stalls

Your digital stall will show your products, brochures, videos and marketing documents all on one screen. And yes, the link to buy your products online will also be handy for the visitors.

Winning formula for exponential growth

Our platform shall continuously generate leads from the online visitors to your stall. So that you business gets unlimited growth opportunities, 365 days.

Chat directly with global visitors

Visitors from all over the world can directly chat with you on the platform which would help you close the deals in real-time.

Free your wings from geographical constraints

No more geographical and financial constraints for your global business growth. 

What our members say about us

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Ablifree is a much needed platform for businesses in India. It is giving me really relevant business contacts every day. 

Mr. Rasik Shah

Tangent Furniture

I am using Ablifree app since 6 months now. I started with using it just to see who is around me. But today most of my business requirements are getting fulfilled on this business network.

Mr. Karan Joshi

Silver lining group of comapnies

Very helpful app for new businessmen like me. I used to find it very difficult to initiate conversations face to face with other businessmen in conferences. But with Ablifree, I can communicate with them on app comfortably.

Mr. Swapnil Joshi


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Our Team

Govinda Sadamate

Product and Growth strategy

Sanjay Landge

Managing Director

Arun Monga


Nirmay Chhajed

Growth Avenues

Rutuja Landge


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